R.I.P. Bessie!
Old Bessie has taken her last trip. She gave out right in the intersection near home as I was headed to the RV repair. I got back home and have reviewed the inevitable. She's taken Jam Pak thousands of miles in style for exactly 15 years. At 31 years (1988 Winnebago) she has served the highest calling of getting this band safely to so many gigs and with a boatload of super memories.
But the time has come. We will need a much newer motor home-simple, no big complications, 27 feet, 28 max, powerful engine (we carry a big load). If you know of anyone or a good place to look, your suggestions will be greatly appreciated. You can view a short video on our website that shows Old Bessie.
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Peter Klett, a Jam Pak dad, has established a Go Fund Me so that we can get on the road again! Please click on the button below to be part of the campaign.

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