August 25, 2018 @ 3:54 PM

Here's your chance to really make a difference!
Arizona has officially certified Jam Pak as a Qualifying Charitable Origanization for the state's Tax Credit Option! We are grateful to be right up there with all those select charter schools and other worthy charities. Now you can refocus your tax dollars to our best hope for the future...our children!
Here's how it works:
  • A "Tax Credit" is literally a decision to pay a portion of your State taxes to a nonprofit organization rather than the government.
  • Without paying one extra cent in taxes, you can use your Tax Credit Option to divert a portion of your State taxes to our award-winning efforts to help children of all kinds.
  • To take advantage, you simply donate up to $400 (for an individual) or up to $800 (for a couple filing jointly) by December 31. You must be a resident of Arizona to use this Tax Credit Option.
  • Jam Pak then sends you back a receipt that you use to reduce the taxes you owe when filing your tax return.
  • The full amount of your donation -- even up to $800 -- is the full amount you'll save in State taxes!
Note: If you want to dig deeper into the State's process, complete information is available from the Arizona Department of Revenue website, OR their email at
Ready? Steps to take next...
  1. Mail a check to "Jam Pak Band" for the amount you can contribute within the Tax Credit limits (up to $400 for an individual or up to $800 for a couple filing jointly). Write "20 _ _ (write in the current year) Arizona Tax Credit" in the bottom left corner of your check.
  2. Receive from jam Pak a formal Tax Credit Donation receipt AND an Arizona Form 321, which is easy to fill out and attach to your eventual Arizona tax return.
  3. Finally, and above all, make sure that you or your tax preparer don't pay too much in taxes!
Please mail your check to:
Jam Pak Band
P.O.Box 1556
Chandler, AZ 85244

Jam Pak now qualifies to receive the Arizona State tax credit. You may not have to spend a penny to help keep our fingers picking and our wheels rolling!

More information on our 501(c)(3) Status.

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Take full advantage of the Tax Credit for Qualifying Charitable Organizations!