August 26, 2018 @ 4:17 PM

Alasya Zelweldi--Age 15

Jam Pak isn't just some place I go to meet up with friends and play music. Jam Pak is where I go when I see my second family. It's more to me than just a group of friends. They are my rock. Jam Pak has brought me many experiences that I can't experience anywhere else. Jam Pak is my everything and I love them all to death. It's more than music. It's family.

Rosy Lopez--Age 14

Jam Pak is the one place where I can be myself. It is filled with so many different kinds of people. Jam Pak is my second family. It is so much more than just meeting up with friends at a place. The music connects us all. We all put our blood and tears in our music. Jam Pak is my home, nothing can ever change that.

Selena Haggerty Tavera--Age 17

A simple, yet complex question; to others, Jam Pak would only be seen as an "extracurricular" activity or "something to do when I'm bored."  Wrong, very wrong. Jam Pak is a place everyone is embraced and recognized, a place for everyone to feel like they belong, and that is the best way to explain my feelings about Jam Pak. I have never felt like I belonged somewhere more than I have in Jam Pak. I have met some of the best people here in which I've made unbreakable connections and everlasting bonds. And not to mention the music. So much music, everywhere by everyone; the young, old, the black, the white, some experienced, and the rookies, everyone is unified through a passion for music, people, and happiness. And what's not to love about that?

Nazarena Delgado--Age 13

Jam Pak to me is not only a place to make music but a place to make friends and laugh. I get out of school excited to go to Jam Pak. I love to sing with the people in Jam Pak. I call them my family. I love them so much and nothing can change that.

Justin Mizer--Age 19

Jam Pak has given me the opportunity to express myself. It has also given me the opportunity to help others with music and life in general. I've been in Jam Pak 16 years now and it's been one of my most cherishable experiences. That continues to grow. We all grow together and learn from each other in Jam Pak. Yes, every rose has its thorns but this rose allows everyone to bloom. In the future I want to work with kids and open an LGBT youth center. Not only has Jam Pak allowed me to work with kids, but its helped me further myself and get a taste of what my future is going to be like and, boy, it's bright! Thanks, Jam Pak!

Alan Moreno--Age 15

To me, Jam Pak is a place that you can make others happy with music not because someone is making you, but because you want to. this is a place where you can grow as an individual and better yourself. No matter how good you are, you can always get better. Jam Pak is a place where you can pass on what you've learned or what you know to the next Jam Pak generation. We are always growing in people, but that's OK. It just means more heads to learn. I'm excited to see what new things I can learn from Jam Pak!

Carlos Parra--Age 13

Jam Pak is a band where you can express your emotions with music and feel comfortable. Everyone is accepted and treated with respect.

Mikaela Garcia--Age 9

Jam Pak is a fun place to play my instrument and I love all the music and people that are here. And we get to go on camping trips and I get to learn a lot of new, fun and beautiful songs.

Lucy Tanyi--Age 12

What Jam Pak means to me is a great opportunity for me to challenge myself into learning music. Jam Pak is truly something I would never ever quit because I have met new friends over the past 6 years now. This is truly a life experience I will never forget.

Antonella Bruni--Age 6

Jam Pak is a place to play, play music and pet the dogs. I like Jam Pak because it's fun.

Jessie Tavera--Age 14
It's not only a band, but a family. These past 8 years that I've been in Jam Pak have taught me so much. It helped me get out of my comfort zone with performing and talking to many people. It helped me grow relationships with so many people and grow a great band with them. I've had so much fun traveling and experiencing new things in Jam Pak. Later on it just stuck with me and I plan on staying here a while longer.

Sasha Hakizimana--Age 7

Jam Pak is my best. This band is my home because, well, I was a little girl and I want to play and I want to make music.

Aliane Hakizimana--Age 10

Jam Pak means to mean is that Jam Pak is a hard-working and fun place to be. And it's not a place to put negative stuff to say to other people and put down their smiles. Love, Aliane

Ella Wurzel-Age 7
What Jam Pak means to me is a life or music, paradise, learning to play music is happiness and fun.

Luis Vazquez--Age 9
I came to Jam Pak because it's fun and how to learn to play an instrument.

Frania Moreno--Age 8
I came to Jam Pak because I wanted to learn music and play music. Love you Mrs. Beach