September 2, 2012 @ 1:45 AM

I received a call from Theater Works to ask if we could put a small band together to provide music for a play. The script called for a string band and it seemed like something we could do. Our young musicians jumped at the chance to do the theater and they have proven to be really great. Mark Hickler agreed to help arrange the piano music with the twenty songs , mostly old-time music, and familiar tunes, into stringed arrangements. There is also some acting and lines involved. 
We already traveled to Sedona and did a staged reading at the Canyon Moon Theater and it was really successful. Our young musicians Francisco Briseno, Giselle Lee, and Jonathan Young are a big hit. As multi-instrumentalists, they are able to do it all. Mike, who plays the hobo, is a fantastic actor and a lovely person to work with. Dan Shea, Executive Director of Theater Works, has been wonderful to work with as is the whole team of theater people. What a new experience for all of us! 
Tickets can be purchased by phone or on-line from Theater Works. There are 18-20 performances and you can find the dates and times at 
I can promise you if you make the trip you will be happy you did and proud of your young bluegrass musicians. Besides their involvement in Jam Pak they are also in The Real Deal and Greenwood Sidee -two of the small bands grown from Jam Pak. Thanks Arizona Bluegrass for your help and encouragement over nearly nineteen years!
Anni Beach