July 25, 2013 @ 8:13 AM

2002 - Parents of the Year Award

July 25 was a very special night for the Jam Pak "family" as Anni & Vincent Beach received the honor of being selected as 2002 Arizona Parents of the Year.
Anni & Vincent were chosen for their many contributions to children throughout the years, including our very own Jam Pak band. Their generosity and devotion to making a difference has blessed many students, friends, and family members alike.
All the Jam Pak kids share their love and thanks for everything the Beaches do!
The evening began with a treat of burgers, fries, and sodas compliments of the Arizona Parent's Day Council. The nifty-fifties style McDonald's in Scottsdale was complete with an old-fashioned juke box and lots of fun memorabilia.
After a fun dinner, Jam Pak performed for the very appreciative Awards Dinner audience. Throughout the performance and the rest of the evening, the kids even kept the big secret. It was great fun to see the surprise on Anni & Vincent's faces when they found out they had won this very special award!
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